Qi Gong

Qi Gong or Chi Kung as it also known is an ancient Chinese Taoist practise. It works with the intention of creating balance between ourselves and the natural world.

Qi Gong helps us to stay in good alignment with the natural world around us. It builds immunity; creates focus and promotes longevity.

It is over 5000 years old. The emperors in the great places of China managed to keep the wealth of information about Qi Gung a powerful secret for many decades, as the potency of its qualities were considered ‘too good’ for the masses. However gradually this important information filtered out from the palaces of power, and has become an amazing available tool for personal well being and transformation.

The exercises are slow and meditative. It is a real body mind connection. I have been running Qi Gong classes for 5 years and it is an integral part of my personal foundations for health. It is closely linked to the way acupuncture works and can be practised by anyone young or old; firm or infirm.

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