Oxygen Gold Facial


oxygen facial

Oxygen Gold Facial

If you desire truly radiant Skin maybe for a wedding, a date night or simply to look your best just because you can, then The Oxygen Gold Facial is the treatment that gives you instant results.

Through the use of a revolutionary new machine from America; Oxygen is pumped under a certain psi into the skin, therefore increasing the skins oxygen uptake by 21%.

As we know from exercise, increased oxygen leads to increased radiance. Depending on each clients needs, serums such as ‘Vitamin C’ or ‘Collagen’ serums are introduced into the skin, this is made possible by the pressure of the oxygen infusion machine.

This intensive oxygen treatment is further enhanced by the application of pure 24k gold leaf, which, by definition, creates cellular regeneration and is instantly anti –aging.

The beauty gold has been sourced meticulously, from the oldest gold beating artisan family in Italy.

Prior to to the perfectly prepared beauty gold being massaged into the skin using technique from Japan called KOBIDO; Organic hydrolats are used to cleanse the face. These waters come from the steam that is collected when producing essential oils – it then turns back into water carrying the essence of the flower or plant both in a therapeutic sense and in the aromas that lifts the treatment to new heights.

Following an exfoliation with either a purified bee venom based product or a plant based exfoliant, the face is then gently steamed with certain hydrolats, chosen to compliment each clients skin type.

The beauty gold is brushed on leaf by leaf until the face is covered by a gold mask ; followed by the Kobido based – Japanese face massage – that  lifts and tones the muscles of the face, giving the clients skin a plumped and healthy glow.  The gold is absorbed into the face maximising its anti-aging and cellular regenerative properties.

Within the KOBIDO facial technique ‘Windows of the Sky’ acupressure points are used which release all the tension from the chest upwards and so unites face and body together; as well as re-balancing the whole body’s energies.

It is so important when working with the face to incorporate some well targeted work with the body in order that so that the refreshed bodily energy can arrive to the freshly rejuvenated face.

The face is then cooled with the ancient practice of Jade Rolling and Facial Tuners. A light and protective SPF facial serum completes the final touches to ensure protection & seal in hydration as the client gently awakens from the experience.

This treatment is a complete and total experience.  It is relaxing, nourishing and transformational on all levels.

I have spent the last 25 years working and developing my skills in the wellness arena. My approach has always been from the inside out. This luxury treatment combines the best of my knowledge and expertise from years as an Aromatherapist and massage practitioner in combination with my skills as a Chinese Cosmetologist and Acupuncturist.

In this particular treatment I also like to use 4 gold needles in 4 painless points of the body to further enhance the treatment. My clients are always amazed and delighted with this addition that takes them further into deep relaxation

This unique approach to skin radiance has caught the attention of the UK media promoting several features in industry magazines on the creator of this technique Helen Cockle – Director of Full Circle Health and the treatments benefits.

I can truly stand by this treatment as the best and most effective luxury facial for instant results, and a gratifying sense of Wellness and Beauty.

The success of this treatment comes from over 10 years training & experience in acupuncture; 5 years running clinics in the UK and over 20 years work in aromatherapy, massage and investment in worldwide natural product sourcing.