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I began a journey into Health and Well being over 20 years ago. I attended The Dorking International College of Natural Therapy. The standard at the college was excellent and inspired me to always seek the very best in learning. I received a diploma with distinction in Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

I then spent 7 years working as a therapist with people living with terminal illnesses. I learnt a lot about the value of an integrated approach to medicine. There is a real need for better solutions, better outcomes and better quality of life for patients and people suffering.

I moved to Thailand to study Thai Massage. Once again I saw how a culture embraced the bridge that joins orthodox and complimentary practices.

As part of this journey I have always practised both Yoga and Qi Gong. As my commitment and clarity developed over a 20 period I moved from student to teacher in both of these disciplines.

My acupuncture training began over 10 years ago at: The Yuan Traditional Medicine Clinic with the brilliant, well respected acupuncturist John Tindall. I went on to obtain a full diploma in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with The University of Beijing and Acu –Medic London in the field of Acupuncture.


As well as running my private practise in Leicester I worked at a dynamic community acupuncture clinic in Leicester . We were a team of 2 acupuncturists providing community acupuncture county wide from a bespoke multi bed set up. It was a great pleasure to be part of this sucessful venture and we enjoyed clsoe working relationships with GP’s and other health professionals as the clinic gained in its reputation for effective, professional, results driven Acupucture treatement.

After several years of working the clinic with my colleague and great mentor Ariane Thomson; I relocated to Ibiza; an island that I have been deeply connected to for may years both professinaly and personally. I run a thriving private Acupuncture practice here and deliver wellness classes in Yoga and Qi Gong across the island. Living rurally has given me the chance to complete a book and enjoy living in harmony with nature. I offer retreats and tailored individual wellness programs to help people achieve and sustain their personal goals with their health and wellbeing.


 They say it takes over 10,000 hours to become an expert in your craft. I offer you my experience and professionalism. My attention to detail, my love and care for humanity and my deep seated desire to be part of the change I wish to see in this world, which would be a thoroughly integrated approach to health care.