Enjoy the magic of the pure




Don’t you love gold? The colour, the shine the way it immediately adorns you with a feeling of specialness and adds pazazz to any outfit; It adds elegant beauty to your skin when worn as tasteful jewellery, and brings richness to décor.

The background to the Oxygen Gold Facial

I am a perfectionist in my work. Which has led me to investigate many ancient techniques as I have always been interested in herbs, minerals, oils and all the richness that we have at our fingertips but often fail to embrace. Starting as an Aromatherapist back in 1990 – the training I received was long before these flash
in the pan weekend courses.

I sat for 2 years studying oils, the Latin names, how they grow, where they grow, when they are harvested and went I on to use my knowledge working in hospices and other environments which meant I needed to know my stuff inside out and backwards. Not only did I know it, I but I loved it which kick started my fascination with how to work therapeutically with oils on the skin. The use of particular oils and hydrolats are an intrinsic part of the Oxygen Infused Gold Facial.


The Oxygen Infused Gold Facial.

As my time as a therapist developed I went on to study massage and how not only is it relaxing but it can lift and tone the muscles of the face and the body if delivered correctly. Massaging the face always feels very personal and is very relaxing so as I trained as a massage therapist alongside the aromatherapy I started to invest more time in learning facial techniques.

Well the years have gone by and my longest and most in depth training has been for the last 8 years in acupuncture. Yes it is true many clients do come to me for cosmetic work on their face as and yes it does involve placing needles in the face! However, this is a whole different subject and seeing as the needles are as fine as a hair and flexible it really isn’t a painful procedure. There are only 4 gold plated needles used in the Oxygen Infused Gold facial and the places that they are put are ideal to effect the whole body.

The reason that The Oxygen Gold Facial does include placing needles in certain parts of the body is in order that renewed energy can arrive to the face. If you are tired your face shows it, if you are stressed your face mirrors it, if you are invigorated and renewed you face reflects it!!

Over the last few years I have become deeply involved with working on the faces of my clients and researching into Chinese and Japanese cosmetology, health and healing to find the best ingredients and methods of application.

Gold Facials are big in America and beauty journalists are always very quick to accept tasters of these facials, taking them to places far and wide in order that they can either rave about it or try to find some fault in the process – well an article wouldn’t be interesting if it was all praise now would it ! Y one thing that they all do is make it seem so out of reach. Well stand by your selfies, because in Ibiza you can have the best Oxygen Infused Gold Facial that will blow you away, without totally losing your wallet in the wind!

So how does The Oxygen Gold Facial work on the face – well there are several factors which makes this facial a stand alone treatment. Cleopatra is said to have slept in a gold mask every night cosmetic industries are using gold more and more as they realise the value of this precious metal to lock in hydration and contribute to the production of collagen .gold2

It is not only the cosmetic industry that is finding added value in using gold for treatments, the medical industry is also including gold in many more of its formulas and preparations as the healing properties of gold are investigated and proven. Over 13 tons of gold are used every year in dental work for crowns and bridges because it is non toxic. It is anti inflammatory and regenerates healthy cells.

One of my missions has been to find out how to allow the skin on the face to absorb the best in 24k beauty gold that I have soured from an amazing linage of gold beating families in Europe.

Through my unique application which results in all the gold being absorbed into the skin after the skin has been prepared, and oxygenated. Oxygen is another important ingredient in the technique I have designed for the amazing results that this facial gives.

In forthcoming blogs I will be talking about how and what oxygen really does to your skin and how all the factors of this facial make it the best treatment for instant results that last for 3 – 7 days .